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Louis is probably thirty years old [09 Jun 2013|09:30pm]
I think people are talking about me.
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A Fistful of Entrails [26 Apr 2012|07:57pm]
Moving on--and struggling to start this without just pasting from something I wrote elsewhere--I gave up and decided to do the paste thing.More spoilers, this time spread out over most of the <cite>Hunger Games</cite> trilogy.Collapse )
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Reading the Entrails [09 Mar 2012|05:54pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

A year or so ago, I read the Hunger Games trilogy, on breathless and emphatic recommendation from a friend. I was thoroughly impressed, and figured I'd blog about it, but at around that time chronic illness and assorted familiar crises collapsed my will to type stuff, along with the odd traumatic experience getting in the way. Also, I wanted to put it on my other blog, but never did figure out a way to spoiler-proof the post. So, in the spirit of Ozymandias, it's now too late for the plan we wanted, so here goes a post, amended for the delay.

Hips, Lips, Tits, Power. Spoilers, primarily for the first book. Also, THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!Collapse )

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Writer's Block: Pet talk [07 Apr 2010|07:39pm]
If your pet could talk, what is the first thing s/he would say to you?
I will destroy everything that you love.
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Something in the way you look tonight [30 Mar 2010|12:47am]
Been a while since anything substantive here. Huh.

Spent tonight drinkin' and playin' Rock Band with forum people. Getting up at 5:30 tomorrow to assist A with getting to class.

Found two Fables trades that have thus far avoided me, and some Kakuro.

Have a cold. Am digging work.

I really wonder if it's possible to write profound things here under the circumstances.
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...And Now For Something Completely Different. [23 Mar 2010|08:20pm]
Naked Girls Reading.

I now return you to your usual programming.
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[22 Feb 2010|03:39am]
Holy shit, Jake's engaged.

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You shall have the blood you hunger for. [08 Feb 2010|12:17am]
Not dead. In Cambridge. Still waiting on endless work delays. Sad, tired. Building a stronger back.

Beat Shaolin Monks. Most of the way through God of War II. Pondering an all-nighter.
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Huh. [24 Oct 2009|12:22am]
The details still need to be worked out, but I got a job today.


Am tired.
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Obituary (Anticipated) [05 Oct 2009|09:21am]
With apologies to No Child, a wonderful one-woman show we saw at the one and only ayy arr tee, and possibly to Nip/Tuck, it's said that writing one's obituary is a useful motivational exercise. Or something. When I did that shit as a kid, they just called me morbid. (April 4, 2020, kids. Mark your calendars.) That said, below I have typed out my pre-emptive obituary, an index of the life I hope to lead.

June 1, 2079:
Peter Edward Rauch, acclaimed writer, actor and designer, died yesterday of wounds sustained while single-handedly fighting off several dozen heavily armed Russian gangsters to protect a busload of orphans. Internationally famous for his prose, both fiction and non-fiction, he established the field of theoludology, revolutionizing the field of videogame studies while simultaneously laying the groundwork for the Third Vatican Council. He is survived by his life partner, Alana Lenhart, as well as his wife, Scarlett Johansson, and his other wife, Keira Knightley. Oh, by the way, polygamy is legal in the future. Although, strangely, gay marriage is still banned in forty states.
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The Dilemmas of Awesome [07 Sep 2009|08:16pm]
"My thesis, and the work I have produced since its completion, propose that videogames are capable of conveying ideas in a way that is unique to the medium, and that these ideas can be moral and philosophical in nature. I argue that a videogame text is a cohesive whole arising from the interactions between the game's story, the game's rules, and the player's ideas about the story and rules. As such, designers can articulate points of view by creating a world in which those points of view are objectively true, and asking the player to compare and contrast the gameworld with their existing knowledge or lived experience."

I am sorely tempted to add, as the next sentence, "This synthesis, from a narrative perspective, is fucking awesome."

Oh, I saw that a few people had added me, so I went and added them back. So, if you're one of those people...hi. Do ya like what I've done with the place?
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This Date in History [17 Aug 2009|11:31pm]
Slightly under half an hour from now, it will be August 18th. On that date, nearly twenty-eight years ago, Wet Hot American Summer took place.

I urge you all to celebrate.
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du jour [07 Aug 2009|03:48am]
Today was surprisingly upbeat, considering every conversation was somehow themed on domestic abuse.
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Phone Mystery! [31 Jul 2009|02:43am]
I got a call tonight from a number in an area code located in Chicago, IL.

I don't know anybody in Chicago, IL.

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Hell has frozen over. [14 Jul 2009|02:37pm]
The State is available on DVD today.

I invite you all to dip your balls in it.
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On testing [08 Jul 2009|04:31pm]
Me: My lack of high school has limited my knowledge of American literature. Also, for some reason, I test extraordinarily badly on reading comprehension. Which is weird, in that my main academic skill is writing. And I've won awards for it and been published and stuff. I think I should be able to pull rank on them at this point.

Kira: you ought to be able to. maybe if you beat them with the publications.

Me: One of them's online. I could beat them with a laptop.
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You heard it here...third, maybe. [25 Jun 2009|04:28pm]
I'm getting published again. w00t!

I need a breast-themed celebration pic like Deborah's.
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Two Days in the Life [21 Apr 2009|06:09pm]
Yesterday: I went to Cambridge Hospital to get my blood checked, and found that it was a holiday. Walking home in the rain, I searched my enfeebled brain for what we were celebrating. It was the tenth anniversary of the Columbine shootings, but I was fairly certain we hadn't made that a holiday yet. It was also Hitler's birthday, but I was almost completely certain Massachusetts wasn't giving people the day off for that. It's also a non-specific stoner holiday of dubious origin, but, even in Cambridge, I think the schools stay open for that. No, it's was Patriot's Day, a day commemorating the general awesomeness of uppity Massachusetts liberals who liked to argue about politics and then accuse each other of being morphine addicts. Also an acknowledged Suicide Prevention Day at MIT, and I'm all for that.

Today: I went out to two video stores in search of Caprica, but did not find it available for rental. (A Blockbuster employee helpfully informed me that they had one copy for rent, and it had been checked out by an employee. An employee, specifically, who would have a very large hold placed on their account expeditiously.) Then I walked back, dumped a portion of my blood with trained professionals, walked back to Central to pick up more pain meds for Alana, and was offered weed by one of the locals. You just can't find that kind of hospitality in the heartland.

Soon, off to do a ridiculous bunch of shopping, unless I get too tired from the sudden burst of exercise + small amount of missing blood and get sleepy, nauseous, or dead long enough for Trader Joe's to close.

It's hard out here for one eternally conflicted about the seeming possibility of moral consistency.
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Hey, I've gotten edgier! [15 Apr 2009|01:56pm]
OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Sites

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OpenOracle [03 Apr 2009|06:15pm]
So, I'm brainstorming thoughts for a hopelessly-late article, and I type in a heading for "Sex and Power." Except I don't get to the period, because a) I'm not using periods in a goddamn skeleton outline, and b) when I hit the "r," the auto-suggest tries suggests I add "lessness" to "power."

Interpret as you will.
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